Electric Carpet Puller

What can Tearout Trike do for your business?

Tearout Trike electric carpet puller saves time. With the Tearout Trike’s ability to grip and go, one person can do the job much more efficiently and easily. Tearout Trike electric carpet puller is also great for moving and positioning carpet rolls. It is portable and can fit though all standard door openings.

Why is Tearout Trike better than a comparably priced Clamp-and-Winch Electric Carpet Puller?

The Tearout Trike’s unique grip-and-go clamp is designed to grip harder as it pulls harder. It bites down and won’t let go. Traditional clamp-and-winch electric carpet pullers use a “C”clamp style system which can slip if fastened incorrectly. Clamp-and-winch pullers also build tension in the winch’s cable. This a why a cage guard is needed for the operator. Tearout Trike’s chain does not stretch like an extended winch cable. This means added safety. The Tearout Trike electric carpet puller only needs a flat surface with reasonable friction. In comparison, most clamp-and-winch electric carpet pullers need a carpeted surface to pull toward. Tearout Trike is more versatile and works where you need it to. Both can do the job. Both can return your investment. Tearout Trike does it better.



Feedback from recent customer Tony P.

I purchased the Tear out Trike last week not knowing what it was going to do or if it could do the job correctly. I couldn’t be more happier this machine performed so well! And easy to use, they sell a quality product and stand behind their product 100%, I’m considering having another crew and picking up another machine. A pleasure to do business with.. 5 stars all the way